Does my sin seem interesting?


Last night was bittersweet. I had a great time at the concert but it was hard seeing The Lonely Forest, for what might be the last time, in the same place I saw them for the first time.

But they rocked, Cumlus was amazing, Bellamaine kicked ass, and I fell in love with Fauna Shade’s bass player Rylie. And dont even get me started on Pearl. So much talent.

the beginning of the end


I finally bought tickets to see one of my favorite bands, The Lonely Forest, for possibly the last time. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford to go to Bumbershoot (which is their actual last show.)

They just announced that they are breaking up. I pretty much ignored the fact that this was happening because 2014 has been a pretty shitty year for me, so I, in a childish way, thought of it as just another fucking thing to deal with.  It feels like my favorite couple is getting a divorce. Then I realized that I’m old enough to start liking a band, watch them grow and then see the end.

I have experienced so much happiness because of this band. Some memories including:

  1. My little brother and I yelling the lyrics to Stars like Dust. And then when I heard that song live for the first time, I was filled with complete happiness because of that connection I had created with my brother.
  2. Also, the time my bleeding heart liberal friends and I lined the edge of the stage and scream “Lets us burn the nation’s budget” during the song, We Sing in Time.
  3. Endless hours of jamming in my car.
  4. And the night I was alone in my dorm room, it was dark out and my room was illuminated by Christmas lights. I decided to blast tlf and dance it out because it had been a rough day. Then the song Coyote came on and I laid on our rug and stared at the ceiling and felt a huge rush emotions. Right then a friend joined me and we had a very long important talk that I’ll probably remember for a long time. The conversation centered on the topic of change. Both happy and sad tears were shed. And we discussed the beauty of change and what comes from it. Why is so hard to let things evolve?

 I have learned to appreciate the moments I have created because those memories will always belong to me. I am thankful that TLF was there to help me in ways I didn’t know I needed it. I’m forever grateful for the effort that they have put into their music.

Here is a list (that has been cut down) of things I have learned from The lonely Forest:

  • You’re truly never alone and it will be all right
  • PNW is a fucking majestic ass place
  • What love is and what love isn’t
  • How to accept change
  • The power music has to bring people together
  • That JVD has the cutest fucking dimples and a beautiful voice
  • Bk is a beast on drums
  • TR really knows how to jam
  • ES is badass bass player and really good at favoriting his own tweets.

So there it is. The sadness that has unfolded from hearing about the end of TLF will never overshadow the happiness I have experience because of this band from Anacortes.

Thank you TLF, I’m forever a fan.

“I just wanted to say

Oh what a beautiful way

To waste our time”

Any insight as to why the guys are calling it quits? Do any of them have side projects? from Anonymous

John has been talking about putting out a solo album for a while now, so we will see if that pops up any time soon.

also, keep in mind it was intentionally worded as an “indefinite hiatus” rather than a complete break-up.